Fashion Point of Sale(POS)

Our Fashion Point of Sale(POS) Inventory Management software package does what it says it effectively collects and collates intelligence on the components of your retail business, that is, your sales, stock, customers, and salespersons. Apply the intelligence wisely and you will be ready to implement strategies which will result in: Increased turnover, Improved profitability, Reduced stock investment, Maximised stock efficiency, Identified shrinkage, Improved customer loyalty, Improved salesperson performance and Increased job satisfaction.

Most importantly

.. we believe in Multi-Channel Retail and we offer module for your business to be able to achieve this seamlessly thru the integration of modules. One key module in our back office system also features an Internet shop module called e-Retailer, which enables retailers to effortlessly create a shop that is online, but is managed just like another physical shop.